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to come on eyewitness news. the largest spy swap since the cold war. the u.s. and russia could be trading prisoners. major developments in that russian spy ring tonight. >>> headed for the supreme court. a new development and protestors in the family of a fallen u.s. marine. >>> and here in baltimore for an opportunity to change her life forever. i'm weijia jiang at johns hopkins, with her story next on wjz eyewitness news. >>> and a live look outside. the heat and humidity are still on. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,, carmax is the smart choice because our specially trained technicians put every car we sell through a 125 point inspection. carmax is the smart choice because at carmax you get a free appraisal and your written offer to buy your car good for seven days. >>> the showdown between the westboro baptist church and a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying if actions are protected by the first amendment. >> the westborough baptist church filed this 75-page brief. attorney margie phelp
to find two missing sailors. the taliban cled one and says i holding the other hostage. but the u.s. hasn't confirmed that. connor powell is in kandahar with the latest details on the efforts to find these men. >> reporter: the u.s. military has launched a full-scale search and rescue operation to find these two missing u.s. service members. they are search the area where they were last seen by air with helicopters and planes. on the ground they've set up military checkpoints checking vehicles as they come and go and n. and out of the area. according to u.s. military officials, the two members that are of the military that are missing are members of the united states navy. the sailors were last seen leaving a base in kabul sometime friday afternoon in an armored vehicle. not clear whether or not they were on an official mission or if they just happened to leave the base for some other reason. the military's not saying why they actually did leave. now, afghan government officials in logar province south of kabul say there was a brief fire fight between this vehicle and the taliban, and tha
>> a u.s. marine headed to afghanistan gunned down near baltimore's block. >> this is a heinous senseless3 murder of a hero. >> what he was doing minutes before he was shot. and how police are trying to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said
between the westboro baptist church and the family of a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying its actions are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the westborough baptist church filed this 75- page brief. attorney margie phelps will argue the case in front of the supreme court. she defended the church members' protest outside of matthew schneider's funeral in 2006. >> it is everybody's first amendment right to go to a public plot and speak on public issues. who in the world is not talking about the dying soldier? >> reporter: the kansas state believes the u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for tolerance of homosexuality. in the argument, phelps argues its actions are protected by the first amendment. not so says the father of the fallen marine. al schneider talks about the upcoming case. my son and hundreds of thousands of other men and women have died to protect freedom of speech. and to have a group of 80 people degraded and mock it is disgusting. >> in a separate legal brief filed with the court, 48
has maryland's ties. >> one of the four men being sent back to the u.s. from russia owns a house in baltimore county. david collins is live with more in cockeysville with this late breaking development. >> his house is secluded behind a patch of woods. you really need to know where to look in order to find it. this is the home he reportedly bought in 2001. he is a former colonel in russia's foreign intelligence agency. he retired in 1997 and moved to the u.s. russian authorities suspected he shared classified information with u.s. intelligence services. he was arrested on his return to russia in 2001. according to a neighbor, his late wife's parents live there and he also had relatives in russia. russian media linked him to exposing former fbi agent robert hansen and another man as spies. both were convicted of spying for russia. >> the wife lived here when we moved in, and she was a wonderful neighbor. >> his family declined to answer the door. they called baltimore county police to ask us to leave. we'll have more on the story coming up tonight at 11. >> now we have an update o
more money for medicaid. it has been a deadly 24 hours in afghanistan. six u.s. troops and at least one dozen civilians were killed. two died in the southern province of kandahar. the other american service members die in the east, one as a result of small arms fire, and another by a roadside bomb, a third in an insurgent attacks, and the last in an accidental explosion. june was the dead this month for troops since the u.s.-led war began in 2001. in maryland army national guard unit has learned they will be deployed on a mission to the middle east next year. the soldiers today learned some combat skills that you might not expect. we are live in the newsroom to explain this one. >> in early 2011 the 175th infantry will head overseas to make sure the israelis and egyptians are still abiding by the camp david accords. it is not exactly front-line combat, but any military mission could turn violent. there may be times a soldier has to use his or her hands instead of a weapon to fight the enemy. today, these soldiers had to russia on their hand-to-hand combat skills. knowing how to take som
senator chuck schumer is calling on the u.s. government to investigate the role bp played in the release of the convicted locker bibombing suspect. there is evidence that bp worked for the release of the person in exchange for release of oil fields. he is urging the u.s. and british governments to take a closer look at bp's actions. >> a new study aiming to protect the chesapeake bay is expecteded to be announced tomorrow. the congressman plans to announce a funding for a federal study. the congressman says blue crab and oysters have been studied for years. but microorganism the could lead to a better environment and more prouktive fisheries. democrats denied any trouble in the upcoming elections. joe biden led the way, spreading the meng that democrats are not -- the message that democrats are not losing control. >> we are going to win the house, and we are going to win the senate. >> this is a tough climate, but we are to have campaigners, and we are a tough people. >> republicans have been slamming democrats on the economy, jobs, taxes, and the crisis in the gulf, while democrats say
teem. kristen berset ffr "sportt unlimited." >> he u.s. team will receive the medal during a ceremony auugst 11..3 now here is ennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> relief from the heat wave on the way. >> hard to breathe. >> who is suffering the most. and when the cold front will finally move through. >> swapping spice. unusuaa deal the obama administration is working oot with russii. >> demonstrating the danger. how pedeetrraas quickly become victims aad why it is such a big problem in baltimore. >> that's it. game over. >> and dead oysters in the gulf. is killing them. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is >> hello again, iiam jennifer gilbert, jeff barnd is offf3 tonight. another scorcher of a day in baltimore. the temperaturrs did not hit triple digits today.3 -ut with a boost in humidity, it felt awful outside. so far, eight people have died in maryllnd from this summer's extreme heat. ú%e latest ictim was pulled from baltimore home thii week, where the temperature was more than 90 degrees inside of the house. many people in balttmore are livi
of cheating have turned up. >>> coming up, two u.s. troops disappear in afghanistan. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. the woman escaped a brush with death after falling on to train tracks. and a music festival turns deadly. what triggered this stampede? >>> at least 17 people died, 80 were injured at a stampede at a music festival in germany. they were crushed inside of a tunnel at the festival. the panic started when the police tried to stop thousands of people from trying to enter the parade grounds that were packed with hundreds of others. emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims because of the crowds. initially, the concert continued with partygoers on aware of the deadly panic. >>> two u.s. troops are missing in afghanistan. it released a statement the service members left the compound yesterday and did not return. also, five u.s. soldiers died in bombings in the south today, where international forces are stepping up the fight against the insurgents. a photographer embedded in an outpost filled the fire fight with the taliban. >>> north korea says it will respond if the u.s
to the crimes allegedly committed in the u.s. -- officials in the bahamas say that. >>> a company that runs popular rides a suspended them last week after a boat accident in philadelphia where a barge hit a boat, killing some people. the boat to examine safety procedures and determined it was safe to operate their rides again. the washington, d.c.-area boats are run by a separate company and were not affected by the shutdown. >>> new photographs from cuban leader fidel castro, allegedly taken last week at a tune in to -- cuban's think tank meeting. he is 83 years old. the last known photographs of fidel castro were taken about five months ago. >>> 7 is on your side tonight about those flavored alcoholic drinks containing caffeine. senator chuck schumer once the product investigated. he says they are deceptive and designed to attract under age drinkers. the labels on the colorful cans looks similar to non alcoholic energy drinks. >>> and there is a synthetic marijuana that is being marketed as incense. several states have banned the product, which is sold under many different names, includin
in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit at 800-974-6006 tty/v. captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:10 on this thursday morning, still dark outside. you can see some
, caught in the u.s. hours earlier, the high stakes spy exchange unfolded in vienna, austria. two planes sat on the tarmac. the 10 were on one. four russians jailed for supplying information for the west were on board the other. including scientist igor sutiaga. those four headed to a military base in london. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder said the u.s. got a good deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap. so that we had access or got that for people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that the cia director personally worked out details with his russian counterpart. once they had an agreement, president obama himself okayed the deal. >> reporter: the 10 russian spies pleaded guilt to acting as unregistered agents as a foreign country. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. like the others, she'll have to start a new life in russia. >> i think she'll spend time with the family and make a decision about whether she wa
trial. >>> u.s. news and world report is out with the annual best hospital rankings. johns hopkins is tops again. hopkins has the top ranking for the 20th year in a row. hospital plays first in five specialties and ranked in the 11 ward categorys. good smair didn't hospital and union memorial also made the list. >>> in the health watch report, dick cheney is recovering from surgery after doctors installed a pump to help his heart work. >> reporter: this device known as an l mad is helping former vice president dick cheney's heart pump blood. it relieves pressure on the heart by rerouting blood headed for the left ventricle. >> one goes to the left ventricle or the muscle of the heart and the other in to the aorta, the artery taking blood away from the heart. this device is outside the patient. this is their battery powered part of the device, they are attached to this for the rest of their lives cheney who has had five heart attacksish issued a statement saying the operation went well and expected to resume usual activities. in the past the machines have been used temporarily to bu
-profile russian prisoners is back on u.s. soil and may be returning to his home in comeysville. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: many are wrapping their heads around the fact that one of the prisoners could be returning to the state to live. 59-year-old alexander spent the past seven years in a russian prison. on friday, the former kgb colonel flew into dulles international airport. he's one of four convicted of spying for the west, released by moscow in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. thousands of miles away, quiet cockeysville is what he called home since 1997. he once lived in this upscale private community on high field court and still owns a house on willow vista way where his son and family live where neighbors can't believe an espionage drama has any baltimore county ties. >> when you find out it's on your street it's shocking. >> reporter: he's long been suspected of helping the u.s. identify two notorious spies. >> whose activities on behalf of the russians cost american lives. i consider the man to be an american hero. >> reporter: when he was convicted in 2003, neigh
schumer is calling on the u.s. government to investigate the role bp played. on sunday, chuck schumer said there is evidence bp works for the -- works with the libyan government in exchange for access to oil fields. he appeared at the conference alongside several relatives of the victims of pan am flight 103. he urges the u.s. and british governments to take a closer look at bp's actions. democrats deny they're facing trouble in this ballparks the election. they took their message to the sunday morning talk shows contradicting what the white house press secretary said last week. brian moore has more on the argument. >> while president obama returned from a weekend mini- vacation, his fellow democrats were working the sunday talk shows. the message -- they are not losing control of congress in this fall's elections. >> i think we will shock the heck out everyone. we will win the house. we will not lose either one of the bodies. >> just one week ago, and press secretary robert gibbs acknowledged what the polls are showing. democrats may be in trouble. >> this is a tough climate. we are tough
these little disturbances moving across the northern part of the u.s.. we are on the southern part of that. isolated storms this weekend -- this evening. southwest winds at 5-10 miles per hour. the same for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, partly humid, and this firms in the late afternoon and evening. 90-94 for the high tech richard. code orange with unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. this covers west of the day and on toward philadelphia and new york city. here is the insta-weather futurecast showing the line of grain moving through now. then we dry out overnight. again, the system out west starts to generate more activity in the mountains which should march across the. small afternoon and evening keeping the rain check is alive and that he and humidity, too. rain chances late extending into wednesday. we have a chance for some on- again off-again brain changes. we expect a high of around 90. thursday, the rain chances drop off and it temperatures climb. still humid with 94, 96, 97. there will be some spotty brain chances. look at sunday and monday. temperatures start to drop off
stemmed from an investigation by the baltimore county police department and the u.s. secret service, looking into counterfeiting ring that was apparently operating out of the ramada inn hotel here in pikesville. in the early morning hours, detectives moved in to make an arrest. there was a gun battle, and a suspect was dead in the end. baltimore county police and the u.s. secret service get much more than they bargained for after breaking of a major east coast counterfeit currency rink early thursday morning. >> the investigators had a plan where when the suspects came out of their hotel room, that would actually arrest the suspects. >> officers and the secret service were conducting surveillance on three men at the ramada inn, and as planned, they did in fact try to arrest them, but two of the men fled and police say 34-year-old eric stokes pulled out a gun and started firing. the two undercover detectives returned fire, speakilling stokt the scene. >> i heard them cussing, bang, bang, bang. the next thing you know, i heard the cops firing back, and that is when we jumped o the flo
president joe biden and his wife jill are spending the july 4th holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. they presided over citizenship ceremony in bagdad this morning. more than 200 service members were sworn in by vice president biden. and they met with the two iraqi leaders vying to become the nation's next prime minister. >>> the u.s. troops in afghanistan have a new commander. petraeus has taken the stand. >> reporter: general david petraeus assumes the top commander in the war in afghanistan. as a ceremony in kabul, petraeus said they must work together to defeat a stiff enemy. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and our forces are here to safeguard the afghan people. and that we are in this to win, that is our clear objective. >> reporter: he will not make major strategy changes and praised his predecessor, general stanley mcchrystal, who was fired after making unflattering comments about the obama administration in a rolling stones magazine. >> no one did more than helping get the inputs right than general mcchrystal. >> reporter: many continue to
to gather intelligence here. holder defended the decision to return the spies to the u.s. calling it a good move by the u.s. >>> the teenage fugitive known as the barefoot bandage has finally been caught. colton morris is behind bars in the bahamas. he committed crimes while barefoot. police believe he's stolen cars, boats, and airplanes even though he's never had flying lessons. >>> health workers are launching studies to see how they performed during the h1n1 outbreak. >> reporter: this year gets a flu shot was part of the job. >> everybody i know got shots. >> reporter: she remembers how health workers spread the word. >> we had notices on the buses and notices put in public places about washing your hands. i think the health department did a good job. >> reporter: after hosting hundredsover h1n1 flu clinics, that's the kind of feed back they are looking for and they are asking for marylanders to chime in. >> did they get the flu shot, why didn't they get it, why not. what we're trying to do is learn from the experience of last year. >> reporter: that's because doctors say the h1n1 flu i
for the u.s. chamber of commerce. they toured one of baltimore's most successful charter schools today. roosevelt leftwich is joining was the latest. >> reporter: baltimore was the second stop this morning. urlich and cane say this campaign is about getting maryland moving again. they toured the buford stem academy in east baltimore. they stressed the need for charter schools and praises the academy for its work in inner city youth. cane stressed her experience as an attorney and current job with the u.s. chamber of commerce giving her a unique perspective on the business climate in maryland. one she says has been damaged by the o'malley administration. when asked about the negative ads most marylanders are looking for something more. >> all this stuff about acting out in anger and accusation doesn't create one job or fix one train. doesn't create one charter school. unemployment is 10%. not every kid in baltimore city or the state of maryland get the opportunity these kids have. we should focus on what people want to us focus on. which is opportunity to succeed in the united states of
sherrod, a georgia-based official with the u.s. department of agriculture and obama administration appointee, at a naacp dinner in march of this year describing her initial reluctance to help a white farmer who came for aid. >> i was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here i was faced with having to help a white person save their land. so i didn't give him the full force of what i could do. >> reporter: sherrod says the incident she was describing occurred more than 20 years ago, before she worked for the usda, a story she told as an example of overcoming her own prejudices. >> that's when it was revealed to me that it's about poor versus the people who have. >> and telling that story, how i changed while working with him, i used that to help others to see it's not about race. >> reporter: but the reaction was swift and certain. the usda asked her to resign. sherrod said she was driving when she got the call from an agriculture official in washington. >> she said, well, they want you to pull over to the side of the road and submit your r
in arlington. >> the next world cup will be held in brazil in 2014. the u.s. is trying to bring the games here in 2013 or 2020 to. >>> we are following some breaking news in charles county. search crews are looking for a man. they say the 65-year-old has not been seen after he put his boat into the water earlier this afternoon. we will bring you the very latest tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >>> in new tonight, police were looking for the killer of a college student. the body of vanessa pham was suspended two weeks ago today. they passed the flyers at the fairfax shopping centerpiece -- shopping center. >>> and police looking for the gunmen responsible for shooting to you people in the district yesterday, and one of those victims died. the shooting happened on 11th street nw. they found the man with gunshot wounds. he was taken to an area hospital, where he died. a second man was also wounded but survived the attack. >>> d.c. firefighters say a woman and her daughter are dead after flames went through their home richard reeve is live with what family members are saying about this tragedy. >> b
these passengers disgusted on a u.s. airways plane. >>> tim williams will be back with the weather forecast. >>> complete forecast continues with don scott, jessica car tail ya, and ,,,, it's the little things in life that make me smile -- spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum, and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in. it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. >>> al gore welcomes a renewed investigation into sexual assault investigations against him. a massage therapist claims he groped her, pinned her down inside a bed, and kissed her. her friends dissuaded her from calling police. portland police are not saying why they've reopened the investigation. >>> passengers scrambled to evacuate a u.s. airways
. tonight, legal officials want to move the u.s. comfort out of baltimore to norfolk, virginia. one maryland congressman says, not so fast. >> the navy's contract here in baltimore ends in 2013 and several mayor led -- maryland legislators have taken up the issue. >> the u.s., for it brings medical care and supplies to people in need across the globe. most recently, it deployed to help victims of the earthquake in haiti. it has been docked in baltimore for 23 years. the navy is considering moving it to norfolk. >> they are paying $1 million a year to have the comfort at the port of baltimore. we have been doing this for 23 years. why change now? >> legislators are fighting the move for a number of reasons. one is the $5 billion the navy recently spent to upgrade the comforts docked in canton, allowing it to remain in baltimore. he introduced an amendment to take a closer look at that. >> i am asking for a cost analysis. why do you spend $5 million which will allow the comfort tuesday in baltimore for 20 years and then say, we're going to move it? >> another reason to keep it here is it is cl
. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. >> u.s. troops accounted for six of nine people killed in afghanistan today. one that killed in an accidental explosion. four were killed in bombings in southern afghanistan. june was the deadliest month in afghanistan since the war began. a memorial service was held court oandfor hon. students who drowned last week. >> hearing words from the bible spoke in their native language, the surviving students embrace d each other. they paid their respects with roses. outside on the delaware in the rain it, they laid wreaths on the river. police recovered the bodies of in the boat on friday. >> everything happened so fast. >> rachael color is a used member that hosted the hon. is still coping. -- that hosted tehe hungarians is still coping. >> i just ran over, stop everything i was doing. ran over to the doctor and everyone swim over. as they came over to me, i pulled them up out of the water. i pulled out six or seven people. it was just an instinct to help people in need. >> the ambassador insists the youth exchange programs will
, the search for two u.s. soldiers intensifies. and slots debate. governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich weigh in on the future of slots in the state. and... >> the seventh annual family day is going on here at the druitt hills park basketball courts. we'll tell you all about the day's events. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it 18:00. it is 85 degrees and it is already starting to warm up outside. good morning to you. >> already. >> already. how did you brave yesterday? >> i could not escape it. >> no, you couldn't. >> you tried to run from it. it caught you. >> yes had a false sense of security because you went into a supermarket or something. when you came out, reality hit quickly. yesterday, we did break records. we got to 100. the record was actually 97. we went right past that with the heat index in the teens. we're still up in the higher levels of the temperatures. take a look outside. you're already seeing the haze yesterday. hazy, hot, humid. just oppressive. really, really danger
into the central part of the u.s. a piece of the great lakes with those warm temperatures to the south and a burst of warm air moving into the central part of the nation. our temperatures, 83 today. sunny and pleasant with low humidity. st winds.rthwe sun is already up this morning. saturday, sunday, even into monday. this friday, as it moves further ease, the wind will become more self easily. by monday, we start getting more humidity into the period. there is a storm lining out to the west and we may have to deal with that by the end of the week. 81 today. 86 tomorrow. it does start to warm up on the weekend. the humidity is still reasonable. by monday, the humidity jumps up. a real muggy day. 97 behind. 97 on tuesday. by thursday, a slight rain chance. >> thank you. joran van der sloot gets slapped with another charge, a federal indictment. a grand jury has indicted the murder suspect on a wire fraud and extortion suspect. he promised beth holloway he would give the details of his daughters death. he curly faces murder charges in peru. >> now to the allegations of those russian spies living in
the story plus her majesty makes a trip across the pond. more on the queen's visit to the u.s., next. >> record temperature tomorrow, but there is a little bit of heat in the seven-day forecast. we will check that out. 93 degrees. winds are common. signal. airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. >> queen elizabeth travel to the u.s. for the first time in 34 years. the 84-year-old laid wreaths at ground zero to honor the victims, and she addressed the general assembly at the united nations, urging them to work towards peace. the queen and her husband, prince philip, are expected to return to england to night. >> you hear it here all too often -- recall after recall, but this time, some researchers are concerned people are no longer paying attention. three separate recalls were issued within 24 hours. a new study found nearly 60% of americans have never researched of recall. researchers say it is not a good idea to think you will not be affected. >> if you eat the product anyway and nothing happens, you are more likely to say
is concerned, there is a jazz ensemble. the electric brigade from the u.s. naval academy will be performing. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will kick off the fireworks, which began at 9:30. reporting live from the inner -tvbor, david collins, wbal 11 news. >> it is only going to get hotter over the next couple of days. officials say there have been six heat-related deaths so far this year in maryland. this number could increase following the heat wave. the very young, elderly, and those with chronic health conditions are more susceptible. the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precautions. >> it can affect anyone. do not take this lightly. this is just as serious for your health as heavy s-n-o-w. -- heavy snow. people can die from this. it is good to protect yourself. >> please check on friends and family. try to remain indoors. take advantage of local cooling centers. >> right now, how hot is it? look at the current temperature at the airport. it was -- it is three minutes after 6:00, and we are at 96 degrees with humidity down to 22%. that i
response to >> sand speculate the u.s. could swap russian spies to get back spies of their own. >> kate amara joins us live with more on this story. >> erection and u.s. officials will not confirm any spy swap but families of those accused say it is about to happen. an arraignment for 10 accused russian spies. the justice department and sealant a single indictment against the defendants. this fuels speculation of a pending spy swap. >> this is a matter that is being handled and i would prefer it to the department of justice. >> more evidence of a possible secret agent exchange. a meeting between the russian ambassador and the senior american diplomat. >> the spy case -- did it come out? likely it did. will i get into details? no. >> a son is believed to be a convicted spy about to be exchanged. there might be more foreign spies in this country than we think. >> we have serious counter intelligence issues we have to deal with. >> only cent of those suspects will be arraigned today. the 11th jumped bail in cyprus. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> can you elaborate on
's -- one man is in the center of it all. a high ranking kgb officer flew to the u.s. after spending a decade in a russian prison. he owned a home in cockeysville. >> reporter: good morning, some in this neighborhood knew they had a former kgb colonel living next door and as this spy story unfolded, they hoped to hear his name as a prisoner released friday. >> reporter: a plane lands friday night and bringing home two russian prisoners convicted of spying on russia for the u.s.. this man is now coming back to the cockeysville neighborhood. >> i consider him to be an american hero more than a spy so to speak. >> reporter: many neighbors know the story of about how robert hanson leaked information for more than 20 years until he was caught. the russian government said he provided his name. >> this cost american's lives. >> reporter: a total of four prisoners have been swapped for ten russian spies and that u.s. abouts arrested. this swap happened yesterday. >> in a political sense, it's a win/win. the united states did really, really well here. >> reporter: the move to the -- they move
a judge on wednesday. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for a predawn suicide atalk on a u.s. compound in northern afghanistan. officials say six suicide bombers stormed compound killing at least four people and wounding dozens of others. in pakistan, security cameras captured two suicide bombers just as they set off explosions at a popular shrine. 42 people were killed there. 180 wounded. >> there was chaos everywhere. no one was there to help. everyone was running to save their own lives. >> the brazen attacks came on the same day that general david petraeus lands in the afghanistan capital to take command of the nearly 9-year- old war. >>> on the home front. the battle against the recession. new unemployment numbers suggest we are barely holding the line. 83,000 jobs were added but only half of what the economy needs just to keep the pace with population groat. more than 14 million americans are unemployed. 650,000 have actually given up and have stopped looking for work right now. >>> well, are you setting off fireworks this weekend? don't let what happened to a centervil
. >> the u.s.-russian set by swap is a reality this morning. 10 russian spies have been deported. kate amara has more on this story. >> the 10 convicted russian spies are on their way back to russia this morning. they flew out of the court in new york last night. they pled guilty in federal court and were ordered out of the country. the russian-born suspect will likely never return, according to her attorney. >> under the agreement she signed, she can only come back to the united states after direct authorization by the united states government. >> the convicted sleeper agents arrested a dozen days ago are being exchanged for four people accused of spying for the u.s. eric holder said this was an extraordinary case and that the agreement provides a successful resolution for the united states and its interest. >> the diplomatic relations with russia remain on a positive track. >> they did not want to see this disrupt the relationship which is made a lot of progress over the last 18 months. >> just crossing the wire, u.s. and russia flights just landed in vienna. plans believed to be caring th
for a barbecue. concert and to view fireworks from the south lawn. >> reporter: for some u.s. soldiers working the front lines in iraq this was a special fourth of july. >> the constitution. >> reporter: a citizenship ceremony for foreign-born soldiers presided over by vice president joe biden. here at home, a day of parades like this one, in historic philadelphia. a drum corps at the national archives. what would july 4th be without baseball? the annual hot dog eating contest in coney island, the winner, joey chestnut. along the gulf coast, a more subdued holiday weekend, beach crowds be a -- absent, the biggest oil spill in u.s. history spoiled the party. but for most of the country the holiday spirit endured. larry jacobs, abc news. >>> 6:19. coming up, you know it's going to be hot today for the kids but you'll still want to play outside. we have five tips to keep them safe while they are out there enjoying the sun on this july 5th. a great way to keep the weather forecast interesting. >>> first,let get the business news from new york. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" wit
. please give yourselves a huge round of applause. >> reporter: last year, u.s. secretary of education, arne duncan made a trip exclusively to baltimore. >> we need to make a point and say, it doesn't matter about poverty, social challenge. our children can be successful. >> reporter: meanwhile, the principal, angela falls is reportedly staying on at abbotston. and some parents, like lorraine moore will, too. >> i don't have a problem with the school itself. but whoever messed with the scores, that's not fair. >> reporter: abbotston is the second city school that is under investigation for possible cheating. they found evidence of test tampering at that school in the spring. back to you, kai, on tv hill. >>> in a statement obtained by our media partner, the baltimore sun, the drop could possibly be portrayed to the two new teachers who aren't yet achieving passing grades. >>> a state worker has been fired for posting information, including social security numbers of nearly 3,000 department clients on a website. the worker, who has not been named, works for the maryland department of hu
, because they do not have job. by last month, the u.s. had put 35,000 haitians to work clearing debrises from -- debris from canals. but more do not have jobs. >> they are very difficult to reach. there are many problems. even politics, lonistics -- logistics, and implementation. >> most of the money pledged for humanitarian aid, has pledged for hospital, food workers and relief. but hundreds of millions of dollars have yet to be spent. and many aid workers here say some of the hardest work, rebuilding, is still ahead. seth stone, cbs news, port-au- prince. >>> and former president bill clinton is cochairman of the international commission overseeing the $5.3 billion in promised reconstruction aid. over the weekend, he even expressed frustration at the slow recovery process. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> reporter: it could be a bit of a slow go out there. plenty of problems to get in your way. including this one. 95 northbound at the memorial bridge. we have a disabled truck there, blocking the right lane. we also
to somali parents seen her holding his u.s. passport. >> he was interrogated multi -- multiple times and was cleared many times but yet he remains in egypt due to this no-fly list. >> reporter: ia youia said he was studying there. many are upset he was detained in egypt for two months on his way back. >> we believe that barring american citizens from reentering their country is a violation of their rights and due process. >> reporter: wehelie was living in a cheap hotel and eating fast food with coupons provided by the embassy. his brother was allowed to leave. one expert we spoke to said his case was terribly mishandled. >> i don't think this was handled very right at all and i think it was a violation of his rights. >> reporter: there are questions about what he was doing in yemen, however -- >> it was easy to hold him there so he wouldn't have his rights in the united states. that's wrong. >> reporter: and there was a lawsuit filed about the no-fly list. >> we should have a no-comply list. ted kennedy was on the no-fly list at one point. surely they can get that right. >> reporter
into a gun battle, killing one and capturing the other. the u.s. military is still searching for both but afghan leaders say the taliban has offered to exchange the body for imprisoned insurgents. they are trying to figure out an exchange. >>> and a bomb attack in bagdad has left one dead and three others hurt. a car bombing happens daily in bagdad and drive-by shootings and kidnappings are common. u.s. forces are scheduled to end forces in iraq on august 31. >>> there is more news ahead, including the latest on a deadly stampede. find out who is being blamed for a festival that went wrong, leaving hundreds of people hurt. >>> a rare trip for fidel castro. could this mean something about the former leader of cuba and what he has planned for his future? >>> and he is a rapper but could he be a coach. snoop dog with a whole different role coming up after the break.  >>> take a look at how things looked as the storm rolling into kinsington. within seconds the rain was pounding down. gwen has the full forecast in a few minutes. >>> the blame over a deadly stampede is
from the lawn of the u.s. capitol. the president invited us over for a barbecue at the white house. >>> up to philly now. here we go. the show took place right near, well, the nation's first declared its independence back in 1776. tens of thousands turned out for this display and festivities wrap up today after a week and a half of parades and concerts in philly. >>> good morning. the fourth of july was hot but if you thought yesterday was hot, get ready, triple digits today. i'm forecasting a high around 100. on the radar it shows we're dry. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is going to stay dry for the next several days as we're under a dome of high pressure. with that, yes, we're talking temperatures already starting in the 60s. 69 in falls church. 67 king george. we're going to heat up. by lunchtime 95 degrees. yes, i could hear it from the peanut gallery back here. they don't like it. afternoon, 100 degrees. by 4:00, 3:00 and as we go into the evening, 98 degrees, it's not a mistake. we're not going to cool down whatsoever for the next several days. we have a code red in
-2. the world cup ignited passions in american fans as the u.s. looked to compete. it was the opposite at the open champion said. at st. andrews, not american was found in the top five, for the first time in 41 years. that is where they filmed the movie chariots of fire. tiger woods is certainly one of the americans you expect a little more from. there was a long birdie putt, but he did not catch a break. the hole is taunting him. he is 12 strokes out of first. and the swede is flying up the leader board. paul casey may be the best player in the world without a major. he is english. his approach to the par-4 second, almost as if he knows something. he would make that birdie putt. this was something like an old mcdonald's commercial. it was a game of horse. this was a classic moment at st. andrews. this south african might get the girl. he had a round of 69 and has a four shot lead. he has never before made the cut in the british open. now he is 15 under par. martin is an unheralded player. three players are tied for fourth at - 7. tiger woods and phil nicholson will have to wait. we wi
and after two years on the run, he's caught. he's behind bars in the bahamas facing extraditition to the u.s.. he got the name because he committed crimes without shoes on. he escaped in taught from a halfway house and he's stolen airplanes and boats and cars and he's never had flying lessons. >>> there's a trend among recreational drug users. it's spice or geneny. it can be up to 15 times stronger than pot. it's legal in 45 states including maryland. it doesn't show up on drug tests and it's easy to order on the internet and it can tuesday trimmers and seizures -- it can cause trimmers and seizures. >>> how well did the doctors perform during the h1n1 out break. there are focus groups to try to find out. >> reporter: she works at johns hopkins and this year, getting a flu shot was part of the job. >> everyone i know got the shots. >> they had all of the notices on the buses and then, notices put up in the public places about washing hasn'ts. >> reporter: after hosting dozens of the flu clinics this year, that's the kind of feed back they're looking for and they're asking the marylanders to
players in washington, bp, the company responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters in u.s. history. researchers say the top congressional recipient of bp cash in the last election cycle was mary landry -- mary landrieu. >> money buys access. >> it is not just the bp lining campaign chests. oil and gas companies to drill bit more than $35 million to congressional candidates in 2008. they doled out not much -- not even half as much as exxon. >> i apologize. >> the top house recipient since 1990 is joe barton his apology to bp during his congressional hearing causes such an uproar that he retracted it. >> absolutely no beyond a shadow of a doubt is that when people spend money on politicians, politicians are going to listen to them a heckuva lot more than people who are not cutting checks. >> a spokesperson says such courage additions have enough -- have no impact to response to this unprecedented disaster. others in congress say is [inaudible] >> if you are worried about bp, said the political contributions back. that is what is influencing policy. >> adp spokesperson says t
ten secret agents back to russia, in exchange for u.s. spies. >>> and hot mess. record-high temperatures stifle travel across america. train tracks swell, roads buckle, and planes are forced to lighten their loads before takeoff. >>> the sting. did kyron horman's stepmom figure out that the police were trying to set her up? did she try to kill kyron's dad? new details in the search for the missing 7-year-old. >>> and one lucky city will learn tonight it's won the lebron lottery. where do you think king james will hold court next year? >>> good morning, everyone. so many people, george, trying to figure out where lebron will go. or will he stay? >> i'm losing hope for my hometown, cleveland. someone said before we went on the air, you believe he hasn't made up his mind yet? >> i think he's waking up this morning he still doesn't know where he's going to go. he's lived his entire life in ohio. we'll find out later. we'll talk with mike greenberg of espn radio. >>> right now, the big story, the thwarted al qaeda attack. >> second break in three days. three suspects have be
not be much u.s. can do. >> we still have a lot more coming your way. a story about johns hopkins hospital. you have heard it 19 times, but you will hear about the 20th. new research linking a woman's weight and where that weight is carried. >> we will see how this impacts friday and the weekend. right now in baltimore is warm. >> it looks like a healthy meal, but it is attacking more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium. >> tim miller takes the low sodium challenge. >> we have brought you this story every year for the last two decades. johns hopkins has been dubbed the best overall hospital according to u.s. news and world report. it was named the top in -- in the top five. the spokeswoman says the people of johns hopkins -- the people of baltimore prod of the global leader in health care innovation and educational excellence. into night's medical alert, new research shows the more weight an older woman's carries, it affects her memory. researchers found for every one point increase in body mass index, the memories stored drops one point. despite the warnings, most of us do not check the sodiu
for themselves, with no upfronnú >>the navy is making plans to move the u.s. ns comfort too3 virginia..3 large navv medical ship docks in baltimore currently. navy spent $5 milllon to upgrade the comforrs's pier in the harbor to stay thereeanother 20 -ears. but billons of dollars have been >> new test results show students in baltimore city public schools are making some progress. the maryland state assessment exam showed twice as mmny students are meeting and exceeding expectattons compared 72 percent of students are proficienn in reading on par with last year. and 66 percent were proficient in math up from last year. >> the liieup for virgin mobile dc concert booked. ccncert is set for septeeber 25. at mary weatter post pavilion, in columbia. tickees bought online or by phooe on saturday..3 >> wireless broadband etwork set to launch next year offering more options in the serviie. light squurrd. and will start in the second half of 2011 in las vegas, phoeeix, denver, and baltimore. company aims to cover 92 percent of tte population by 2015. >> first lady michele ooaaa in -he city of baltimor
people over here. >> reporter: he knows what it's like to be u.s. illegalll. he was deported once before-after facing drug and drunk driving charres. >> i want to do things right this time. i on't want to get in ttouble again. reenter a country divided on the issue of illegal immigration. living and workkng in the country without documentation is breaaing the laa, buttthe u.s. labor secretary recently releasee this public serrice announcement encouraging illegals to report employers who are paying low wages. >> rememmer, everr worker in america has he right to be paid ffirly, whether documented or not. >> number one she should be fired immediately and someone should ask president obama why commerrial. >> reporter: the debate over illegals heated uppwhen arizona passed an antiillegals laws ú%ving police the right to check a person's immigration ssatus. >> we cannot ssand ideally by s drug houses, and kidnapping and drugs coopromise our wwy of life. >> reporter: the legislation is similar to federal law but president obama is considering filing a lawsuit to stop the ssate from enforc
of both u.s. ú%ek in afghhnistan were found. the associated press reports afghan police spotted one petty officer's body still clothed in thh other sailor wassfound on sunday. the pair were first reported missing friday. the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> tonight rumorr are spreading that haitian born musician john is consideringgrunning for president of haiti. locals in haiti and canadian newspaper report said he is preparing paperwork for a bid in ú%h november election. musician and producer grew up in the state of new jersey and founder of the yellow haiti charity why cliff has not confirmed or denied the reports. >> would you run for president >> if i was president -- >> would you partly sunny. >> you know they have asked you before. >> they have asked me ooer again. currentty, at this minute. no. >> haitian politics is quitee3 strange..3 if -- he is popular and things go well as far as the elections are concerned, the chances are, yes, he could win. >> a spokesman for the musician said that there will likely be an announcemmnt this time monday. if he won that job. >> without
to the u.s., he could not. the government removed him from the list but he is now back in home, in virginia. police are investigating a deadly shooting in gaithersburg. authorities were called to a bus stop last night. when they arrived, they found a man who had been shot. he was taken to shady grove adventist hospital where he died. the victim apparently got into an argument with another man and the man opened fire. workers are on the scene of a water main break in the district. the break was discovered around 7:00 this morning. crews isolated problem this afternoon but a spokesperson says the water main will not be fixed until later tonight. about 30 homes are without water service right now. the 14th street bridge project moves into its next phase, meaning changes for drivers to morning. crews are moving the concrete barriers now blocking the second lane from the right. they will be moved one lane to the left, meaning tomorrow morning, drivers will find the center lane closed. cars will have to get by on either side of the center line, meaning drivers planning to stay on 14th street shou
us the u.s. is on board because it benefits -- its benefits outweigh the pitfalls. 10 russians living in the u.s. confessed today to conspiracy charges that they worked as an unregistered agents of the soviet union. the historic spy swap has not been seen since the cold war. about all of those who entered a guilty plea will be boarding a bus which will take them to one of the new york airports to be transported to moscow. >> russia has agreed to release 4 military and intelligence officers accused of spying for the united states. >> there is a political desire not to develop this scandal. >> the list includes a russian nuclear arms scientist serving a 13-year sentence for spying for the cia. thousands of miles away from the russian prison, in arlington, va., neighbors of three of the accused russian spies cannot believe how well they blended in. >> it is kind of creepy knowing that somebody down the street was doing this. >> the attorney for one of the 10 who pled guilty said the russian government will provide her a lifetime $2,000 stipend, visa for her young children, and a place to
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